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In the video projects we develop, we often need real athletes, people who know what performance, passion, hard work mean, regardless of whether it's 40 degrees or 10 below zero, sacrifice, victory, defeat.

So come be part of our family, to complete the work done so far, to receive the recognition and publicity you dream of. You can appear in commercials or movies and you can get motivating financial gains. Your qualities as an athlete will matter when you will be nominated for a role, regardless of the project.

Your success is a click away: you can register for free, and then you will be contacted for a photo shoot, where we will make sure you feel like a star in the true sense of the word. Then we will send your profile to our clients and invite you to become part of our projects.

It can be even more challenging than on the sports field and we are sure that it is a universe that will captivate and validate you, giving you more confidence in your own strength. Let's get to know each other!