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About our Casting Agency

About us

Let's introduce ourselves


Each story is shaped by its characters. This is the only way in which it can get colour, shades, strength, the only way in which it can send messages that are hard to forget, only through its characters can a story make a difference. So welcome to the world of star seekers! Welcome to Agenț!


Since 2012, we have created a team ready to support any project, a team that deals with the constant renewal of the database. Thus, at any time you will contact us, you will be able to find the characters needed for any scenario you can imagine. Our database includes infants, children, young people, middle-aged, seniors, simple or special extras, actors, stunts, animators, models, mascots. Santa Claus lives with us, along with bald and bearded people, rappers, rockers, punkers, country music singers, tenors, troubadours, chefs, gourmands, black people, Asian people, Romanians, animals ready to meet the camera. We can also help you with locations, cars, bicycles, scooters, rollers and others.         


So you can unleash your imagination without any worries and you will certainly have an exceptional experience with Agenț Of course, we also think about your wallet, so that you are 100% satisfied when collaborating with our team and come back every time. That way, together with us, a successful, beautiful and well-prepared community is created each year!


And because we work with people a lot, and they are our main ally, we focus on values without which we could not carry out any project. RESPECT is the first value on our list. We value the people in our team and we pay attention to their rights. We take care of all those who come to us and, with our help, step into the spotlight. We carefully select the people who are to become part of our projects and we choose those who share the same values with us. FAIRNESS is another aspect without which we could not come in front of our collaborators. Fairness towards people, towards the projects we passionately engage in and, last but not least, towards ourselves. To all this we add RIGOR, so important when you want to make a difference. In a world that often disappoints us because of its shallowness, Agenț tries to do things with professionalism and dedication. We always say NO to compromises! EFFICIENCY is another quality of ours. This is not claimed only by us, but  by those with whom we have collaborated over time. We overcome all challenges (with a smile), as soon as they appear and we don't stop until we find the right solution for you.

About us, “rumour has it” that we are full of passion and creativity, that we are very united and that we complement each other beautifully, that we are workaholics because we truly love what we do, we don't care about weekends or holidays because you don't need days off when you're in love with your work. We enjoy each project and do not refuse any challenge! So yes, it can be said that we have no competition!


We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Agenţ to turn your dreams into reality!